The Chicken Head challenge.

In February I received a request from Lliam Amore, Impro Melbourne performer and Comedian (also a previous lecturer of mine) to build a kind of chicken drumstick head/hat. See original image below.

Certainly a project unlike any other I had undertaken, how could I resist! Payed work and a potentially hilarious outcome; I was sold.  The prop was to be used in a sketch comedy show Lliam was working on for this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival "THE INCREASINGLY HANDSOME ADVENTURES OF EARL BIRCHER AND OTHER TALES OF ADVENTURE!"

. Somewhere within the show, someone's head turns in to a chicken drumstick! Whaaa? Who am I to question the workings of the comedic mind. I set to work. 

My first step was to google pictures of chicken drumsticks for inspiration. I then looked for advice from more experienced designers. The latter proved to be a less than clever decision as the complicated ideas they provided completely overwhelmed me. 

I re-assessed the situation and decided to tackle it in my own style and to my own skill set. Lliam knew the kind of work I have done when he contacted me. I looked at it like another lip-sync (muppet-style) puppet project. 

The structure built out of foam and glue, with a kind of "hat" insert inside to keep it in place. I added foam pockets full of rice at the shoulders to weight the whole thing down, an idea which proved very successful!

Once the base was completed, I went in search of fabric. Daunted by selection I decided once again to stay within my comfort zone as time was of the essence! Brown polar fleece for the Chicken flesh (assuming it was cooked going by Lliams picture) and cream polar fleece for the bone. 

It turned out better than I could have expected! (for images of the final product see the Gallery).

Lliam was satisfied and even offered me two comp tickets to their show on top of my payment. I am looking forward to seeing my creation in action on stage!!!

chicken head.jpg