A growing puppetry network.

This week I met with Sydney puppeteer Kay Yasugi, a graduate of the London School of Puppetry, where I will be studying later this year. Kay graduated LSP in 2008 and was inspiring to talk to, not to mention supportive, encouraging and incredibly open about her experiences in the industry. We had spoken on the phone once before, connected by the head of the LSP Caroline Astell-Burt, and found we had an instant connection. On meeting face to face in federation square we felt like old friends. She gave me a wonderful insight into what my life will be like studying at LSP. I am looking forward to a very challenging experience with many trials and a lot of self discovery. As for her work within the industry, it is very reassuring to know with hard work and dedication you can make a living from this art form. Later in the week, I caught up with Kay a second time and was introduced to Lois Conlan, a shadow puppeteer who it turned out I had met around a year earlier at Melbourne's Puppetry Summit. We were fortunate enough to get to see and touch some of Lois' beautiful puppets and watch clips of her performance in this years Melbourne Fringe. Meeting both of these women this week has left me feeling motivated and inspired. Knowing we are all out there doing our thing, enjoying our craft and tackling the challenges leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. I look forward to meeting more of this strange breed of people, the puppeteers and makers. My growing network :)