Bundarra Primary School fundraiser

In June I was contacted by Bundarra Primary School (Portland,VIC) and asked if I could build a puppet for their school fundraiser. They are a public school with children from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and were looking to raise funds for their grade 3/4 camp to help allow every child to participate. I was eager to be involved and even more so when they gave me almost complete creative freedom. Their only preference was that the puppet be furry and that is be non-gender specific... so basically no pink and no beards!! Not that boys can't appreciate pink or girls beards... let's not get in to it! At any rate, this was a perfect project to keep me occupied while laid up with my broken ankle. I tried a few new techniques when building this puppet, specifically trying to make the neck lighter and more flexible while maintaining a streamline aesthetic. I also focused on the interior more than I ever have before, making the inner lining look almost as nice as the outside (well I tried!). I also timed myself in the building process and this puppet came to 15.5 hours. Something I can aim to improve on in the future! Of course I will never aim to rush my work, quality work takes time. In the end he turned out very well and the school was pleased as punch with their new friend. He became first prize in the school's raffle and I created a small video that they could show the kids to help promote ticket sales. The students were all very excited and everyone wanted to win! The idea was a huge success with the school raising over $700 for their camp.