Podcast - Will do Art for Food

A couple of weeks ago I was a guest on podcast "Will do Art for Food". A fantastic podcast, it was quite an interesting experience. Hosted by my good friend, performer Ben Byrne, we spoke very casually, almost as though the microphones weren't there. A podcast is different from an interview in the sense that it is more casual. As a podcast listener myself, I often find the subject matter a lot more compelling in this format. Ben was excellent to work with; a charismatic host, he asked some really tough questions and encouraged quite a bit of self analysis, a lot of which I had not considered in such depth previously. Even I learned new things about myself! Below is the link to the episode "She who pulls the strings". If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts, you may enjoy listening to me talk about what I love. Have a listen.

For more about Ben Byrne and/ or the podcast, I encourage you to explore the Will do Art for Food site. Listen to a few other episodes, have a read of the blog. You won't be disappointed.

You can follow Will do Art for Food on Facebook and Twitter. Episodes are also available on iTunes.